31 janvier 2023

The Invisible Teacher and His Disciples: C.G. Jung’s and Henry Corbin’s Approaches To “The Green One”

Corbin met Jung at Ascona in 1949. In 1953 he published a long, insightful review of Jung’s Answer to Job. Yet, for all the respect, if not devotion, that Corbin expressed to Jung, and for all the sympathy that Jung showed Corbin, their relationship was never an easy one. Is there any textual ground that might allow us to see deeper, and more insightfully, into their differences and commonalities? Daniela Boccassini proposes to focus on the figure of al-Khidr, “the green and greening one,” as invisible teacher, as the awakener of both soul and text to their forgotten identity: a basic gnostic theme. A comparative reading of Jung’s and Corbin’s approaches to this figure may help us find their meeting place, at the confluence of the two seas.