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Mahdi Fadaei Mehrabani, Istadan Dar An Souye Marg (Standing Other Side of the Death)

Istadan Dar An Souye Marg

Standing Other Side of the Death: Responses of Corbin to Heidegger from Shiite Philosophy Perspective


Mahdi Fadaei Mehrabani

Standing Other Side of the Death: Responses of Corbin to Heidegger from Shiite Philosophy Perspective (Istadan Dar Ansuye Marg)

Tehran, Ney Publication 2012 (ISBN 978-9641852490)

Title in Persian:

مهدی فدایی مهربانی، ایستادن در آنسوی مرگ: پاسخ­های کربن به هایدگر از منظر فلسفۀ شیعی، تهران، نشر نی، 2012

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Chapter One: beginning a world: Corbin’s life

Critics of Corbin

Chapter Two: Iran; heaven on earth

Meeting with Iranian scholars

With Allameh Tabatabai

Criticism on Orientalism

Transcendental Theology

Corbin and Shi’ism

Chapter Three: Corbin and Heidegger

Deconstruction and Question

Heidegger and Metaphysics

Disclosedness of Being

Dasein; the position of disclosedness


Being and grasp



“Being-toward-the-death” or “Being-toward-other-side-of-the-death”

Dasein and Authenticity

From “Being toward” to “belonging to”

Anxiety, “not-being-at-home” and occidental exile

From Heidegger’s “awareness of dying” to Suhrawardi’s “awareness of occident”

Chapter Four: Phenomenology and Kashf ul-Mahjoob

Kashf ul-Mahjoob

From Phenomenology to Kashf ul-Mahjoob

Hermeneutics or Ta’avil (Transcendent Exegesis)

Corbin and contemporary Hermeneutics

Heidegger’s Philosophical Hermeneutics

Ta’avil as a decoding of Tanzil (Revealed Message)

The role of Hidden Imam in Ta’avil

Chapter Five: The Concept of Time

Historicity and Trans-Historicity

Dasein’s Historicity

Corbin and the concept of time in Shi’ite Philosophy

Fluid Time in Shi’ite Philosophy

Cyclical time in Ismaili Gnosis

Chapter Six: The Realm of Imagination

Imagination and Secularism

Imagination and poesy

Imagination and Shi’ite Philosophy

Active Imagination in Ibn al-Arabi’s thought

Imagination in Corbin’s thought

Chapter Seven: Iranian Islam and Prophetic Philosophy

From Yemenite Philosophy to Prophetic Philosophy


The Fountainhead of Clear Water

The place of Angelology in Shi’ite Philosophy

Logos and Mohammadian Logos/Essence

Esoteric Alixir

The Necessity of reviving Shi’ite Philosophy as Corbin’s Perspective





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