The following piece was summarized by Henry Corbin in several places including Cyclical Time and Isma'ili Gnosis, see especially pp. 36-37. To date, our translation appears to be the only full length translation of this entire section of the following work by Nāṣir-i-Khusrow. We note that additional to this blog entry, a pdf of our translation below can also be found, here.

Note on translation: Transliterations from Persian are placed inside round brackets () as are some elaborations. Alternative readings and a few elaborations have been placed inside square brackets [] with words or phrases italicized inside single quotation marks ['']. Ellipses ... indicate the omission of Nasir-i-Khosrow's Persian paraphrase of the Qur'anic verse or akhbār he has quoted just before in the original Arabic. Where they occur these have not been translated. Instead the discussion resumes from the point where the Persian paraphrase ends. Translations from the Qur'an are amended translations from Pickthall’s (usually a single word or two changed from Pickthall's orginal). A literal rendering has been striven for but in several instances this has not been possible.