The Association of the Friends of Henry and Stella Corbin



Following the death of Madame Stella Corbin - who had previously dealt with all questions concerning the posthumous publication of the works of her husband – Henry Corbin’s inheritors, Mr. Daniel Gastambide, Madame Ariane Lewis-Gastambide, Mr. Marc Gastambide – hoped to further her work towards assuring a lasting appreciation of Henry Corbin’s thought. This hope was echoed in the wishes of numerous academics and researchers for whom Corbin’s work represents a major contribution to contemporary philosophical thought. The present association has taken form in response to this shared interest.

 Objective and Composition

 Article 1

There is hereby constituted, between the undersigned members, an Association in accordance with the law of the 1st of July 1901: the “Association of the Friends of Henry and of Stella Corbin” –AFHSC- [in French, AAHSC – Association des Amis de Henry et Stella Corbin].

Its objective is to continue to bring the works of Henry Corbin to the attention of the public, to help in the diffusion, re-edition or translation of the published works, as well as to publish his unpublished works, to contribute to any and all initiatives permitting the deepening or to fructification of this philosopher’s thought, with, among other aims, notably, the exploitation of the personal archives of Henry Corbin, donated by his family to the library of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (16/X/2003).


The duration of this association is unlimited.

Its social seat is in Paris.


Article 2

The means of operation of the Association are as follows:


  • The creation of a web site permitting the diffusion of the present state of publications on and by Henry Corbin.
  • The contribution to publications, conferences, study workshops, round tables, and any other scientific manifestation having to do with Henry Corbin’s thought or his influence.


Article 3

The AFHSC is composed of founding members and/or active and honorary members. The members may be physical as well as moral persons.

Active members may contribute donations superior to the set minimum fee, in accordance with conditions determined by an internal Ruling and thus acquire the status of benevolent members.

To become an active member, one must be presented by another active member, accepted by the Bureau of the Association, and be up to date with the payment of subscription fees.

The quality of member is lost through resignation, through non-payment of subscription fees for the year underway or given serious cause upon decision of the Board, the party concerned having been urged by registered courier to present him or herself before the Board in order to furnish his or her explanations.

 Financing and Endowment

 Article 4

Are assumed within the endowment funds the patrimonial rights of authorship of the works of Henry Corbin.

These rights are bestowed by the inheritors of Stella Corbin, without fee, to the AFHSC in view of the realization of its aims.

In case of the dissolution of the Association this benefit may be taken up again in kind by its previous holder or his/her inheritors.


Article 5

The resources of the Association are as follows:

  • The membership subscriptions
  • The revenues from gains upon its endowments
  • Public subvention
  • All donations authorized by law
  • All product created on an exceptional basis.
  • All other resource authorized by law

 Administration and Operation

 Article 6

The general assembly is composed of all the members of the Association whatever the title of their affiliation, and - by consultative title- the honorary members.

It convenes once a year and each time that it is summoned by the Board. Its order of the day is elaborated by the Board.

The regular Annual General Assembly hears the reports of the administration of the Board on the financial and moral situation of the Association. It approves the accounts of the previous term, votes the budget for the following term, deliberates upon the questions put forward in the order of the day and, should the need arise, carries out the election of a new Board.


Article 7

The Association reserves the right to organize the call to Assemblies, the vote and the written consultation of its members through the intermediary of the Board by means of postal or electronic courier.


Article 8

The Association is administrated by a Board composed of active members who are elected - by secret ballot - for a period of four years by the General Assembly. The renewal of the entire Board takes place every four years. The departing members are re-eligible two times.

In case of vacation, the Board may enact the provisional replacement of its members. Their replacement is effectuated on the occasion of the following Assembly.


Article 9

The Board is composed of a minimum of one President, of one or several Vice-President(s), of a Secretary and of a Treasurer.

The Board convenes at least three times per year, and each time that it is called by its President.


Article 10

Any internal Regulation shall be resolved upon by the Board, then submitted to the approbation of the ordinary General Assembly. It will be incorporated into the present statutes of the Association while specifying the details of its application and in particular its internal functioning.

 Modification and Dissolution

 Article 11

The statutes of the Association may be modified in an extraordinary General Assembly called to this effect by the President when necessary or upon the demand of more than half the members of the given term. The quorum will be of one half plus one of the members of that term.


Article 12

Dissolution cannot be pronounced by other than an extraordinary General Assembly, called specially to this effect, with a majority of two thirds of the members of that term. Shall be counted the votes of those present, of those represented and eventual votes by postal or electronic courier.

If dissolution is approved, the General Assembly will designate a liquidator and will decide upon the devolution of the estate.

The property bestowed upon the Association during or after its constitution may be taken back in kind and currency by the donors or their inheritors.


Made in Paris,


Daniel Gastambide, President

 Pierre Lory, Secretary.